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Instant Hair Thickening Fiber - 10 Pack

Dr. Jones

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Instant Hair Thickening Fiber - 10 Pack
Instant Hair Thickening Fiber - 10 Pack

The most popular of all of our products, Instant Hair will give the appearance of thick hair by filling out your thinning area. It is the fastest and easiest solution to your hair thinning, applied by shaking the container of hair fibers over your thinning area and is easily removed with a simple hair washing. The product is made from keratin protein fibers that are charged with static electricity to stay in place even in strong winds and hard rain.

Our formula applies more evenly because it comes out of the bottle more easily. This provides a more natural effect.

Choose from one of seven colours. Each Instant Hair contains 28 grams of product except Auburn and Blond which contain 25 grams.

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